Community Falls Clinic


The Falls Service at St. Mary’s Hospital is a consultant Geriatrician led multidisciplinary service offering the following:


  1. Clinical assessment by Nursing and Medical staff.

  2. Investigations:

24 hour ambulatory BP monitoring

DXA scanning

Cardiovascular investigation of blackouts (Finometer and Tilt table)

3.   Physiotherapy assessment & range of interventions including:

1:1 intervention

Home exercise programme

‘Staying steady’ 10 week group programme

4.   Advise re assistive devices

5.   Occupational therapy assessment &interventions including:

Cognitive screening and assessment

Functional assessment

Advise re aids and equipment

Home environment assessment

6.   Social work department provides support to those presenting with falls and assists with accessing relevant community supports and services

7.   Education & support


The MDT provides education and support for those presenting with falls once the contributing factors have been established and an individualised treatment plan is decided upon.

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Download our poster about osteoporosis for

your clinical area. 


Download patient information leaflet about osteoporosis awareness which accompanies the above poster.


The opening of the Community Falls Clinic 


Osteoporosis and fragility fractures are a major problem that remain under diagnosed and as a result untreated. This poster was developed for clinical areas to highlight to staff and patients the importance of being referred for screening for osteoporosis following a fracture or broken bone.