​Forever Autumn COP - Meeting August 31st 2017

Meeting facilitated by Daragh Rodger


Eileen Moriarty,  Project Lead AFFINITY, General Manager, Services for Older People HSE   

Overview of what is happening nationally in falls prevention and management  - Link to Presentation             


Juliette Blackstock,  Falls Coordinator, MMUH Dublin                          

Development and implementation of a multifactorial falls assessment into practice – acute hospital  


Melissa Currid, Falls Coordinator, Donegal                          

Development and Implementation of Nurse Led Community Falls Clinics  - Link to Presentation                                       


Susan Daly, A/Clinical Development Coordinator, Killarney Community Hospitals                           

Falls reduction & falls management quality improvement initiative in the Kerry  Community Hospitals/ Nursing Units - Link to Presentation


Lorraine Ledger, CNMIII, St Michaels House, Dublin                           

Bone health and falls awareness in Intellectual Disability population:  Empowerment of peers through education -  Link to Presentation