​Forever Autumn COP - Links 

Within this page we will provide links to online and other interesting resources specifically related to Bone Health and Falls Management and Prevention. If you have any resources that may be of interest to the group please email Daragh Rodger.

National Links 

Growing Older with an Intellectual Disability in Ireland (2011) - First Results from the Intellectual Disability Supplement to the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing - IDS TILDA Report  - Access here 


IDS TILDA Web Site - Access here 


IDS TILDA Videos - Access here 


Irish Osteoporosis Society DVD on the Silent Disease designed specifically for 12-18 year olds  - for more information and to order a copy follow this link


A group within SJOG developed an educational DVD called “P.C. Planner: At Your Service” to educate service users on person centred planning. It is a short, animated video using the voice of a service user. Follow this link for more information.

International Links 
Additional Articles of Interest
  1. The issue of falls and fear of falling in older adults with an intellectual Disability - Sinead Foran, Waterford Institute of Technology - view in SlideShare from this link

  2. Bone Health through the Ages: A lifelong process - Daragh Rodger - view in SlideShare from this link

  3. Forever Autumn - Building a Community of Practice 'First Steps'  - Daragh Rodger - view in SlideShare from this link

  4. Bone Health in the Park A Collaborative Approach to Bone Health and Falls Prevention - Daragh Rodger - view in SlideShare from this link

Other presentations relating to bone health are available from SlideShare and are free to view.